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Preventive Health Care

Well-child examinations are important in early detection of health and developmental problems.  Our practice uses a team approach. Physicians and nurse practitioners work together to help provide the best access and care for our patients. For the first two years of life, our patients are encouraged to rotate visits between their pediatrician and one of our advanced nurse practitioners. These visits provide time to review your child's nutritional needs, growth and development, sleep habits, school progress and any other concerns.  A complete physical examination is performed, immunizations given, and developmental changes discussed.  At PNW, we believe that all children should be vaccinated according to CDC and AAP guidelines.

Prenatal Consultations

If you are expecting a baby,  you probably have a lot of questions. We're here to help.  Expectant parents are invited to schedule a prenatal consultation with one of our pediatricians.  This is your opportunity to speak one-on-one with your baby's future pediatrician and to tour our office.  To schedule a consultation, please call our receptionists at (617) 969-8989.

Hospital Care

We see your newborn daily at Newton-Wellesley Hospital.  For deliveries at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Brigham & Women's and the Massachusetts General Hospital, we have one of our colleagues coordinate the care of your baby during your hospital stay.  If your older child's medical condition requires admission, we will manage your child's care at Newton-Wellesley Hospital.  More complicated medical admissions will be managed at Children's Hospital or other Harvard Medical institutions. 

ADHD Diagnosis and treatment


Lactation Consultations

If a mother is having breastfeeding problems, nothing is more helpful than having skilled, one-on-one assistance from a lactation consultant.  Sherry Maloney, C.P.N.P., I.B.C.L.C.  is certified by the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners.  Genevra Casais, C.P.N.P.  also has broad experience in this area. They are both available for private breastfeeding consults, and telephone support.

Pediatric Nurse Practitioners

Our nurse practitioners are registered nurses who have completed advanced training and education in primary pediatric care. They are highly skilled members of our healthcare team and provide quality care to children. Our nurse practitioners work in collaboration with our physicians to provide many health care services. They perform well-child exams, assess and manage acute and chronic illnesses, an teach families about normal growth and development.
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